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The diversity of the beauty in Guatemala is unreal. From the natural beauty of the lakes and volcanos to the man-made beauty in the colonial Spanish-era towns to the ancient ruins of the advanced Mayans to the bustling cities bursting with a culture that’s impossible to ignore, Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world and it has something for everyone. It’s hard to understand how beautiful Guatemala is for one main reason. I don’t think it’s been explored enough by high profile bloggers and media figures. Because it’s in our backyard, it doesn’t seem exotic enough, which is one reason why it could be underrated. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be more than content if Guatemala stayed under-traveled. The fewer Guatemala wedding photographers, the more opportunities I have to shoot incredible destination weddings in Guatemala!

One way the culture of Guatemala manifests itself is through the number of vibrant colors that fill nearly every square inch of this country. I’ve seen this in other places like Cartagena but it’s far more widespread in Guatemala. For a destination wedding photographer in Guatemala, you couldn’t possibly imagine better backdrops than the colorful towns this country is filled with. It seems like every corner holds a different color wall, like an outdoor studio photographer playground. The amount of variety and options for portraits is a dream, with each charming town presenting a new color palette. For artists and creatives, it’s idyllic but for a wedding photographer in Guatemala, it’s an absolute paradise.

I brought this up earlier when mentioning a few of the pros of having a wedding in Guatemala but it’s hard not to bring up again just how affordable Guatemala really is. I don’t feel bad about encouraging friends to visit because I know how little they’ll spend while they’re here. It’s the same reason I encourage people to have a destination wedding here. I know any couple will have to compromise on far less than what they’d have to compromise for in the United States or Europe. Both the euro and the dollar stretch so much in Guatemala, it’d be hard to imagine having to make many sacrifices because so much more is allowed in your budget. As far as what you get for your money, there are few places that compare to Guatemala that are so accessible to the United States. For example, Bali may be just as affordable but it’s also across the world – there’s a reason I’m a Guatemala wedding photographer rather than a Bali wedding photographer. Lol.

Guatemala has a big advantage when it comes to how much of the year it’s possible to have a destination wedding. Wedding seasons in most cities are dictated by the times of year when the weather is suitable for people to be comfortable outside. This rule is broken for elopements when a couple is willing to bear the cold for epic photos but usually doesn’t apply for destination weddings. This is one of the best advantages of having a destination wedding in Guatemala, Guatemala is call the Country if the eternal spring. Perfect weather always, So my season is essentially all year!

Calling myself a Guatemala wedding photographer was never something I expected. It’s also a part of my life I couldn’t be more grateful for because destination weddings in Guatemala are just as, if not more amazing, than anywhere else in the world. I’m privileged to be a wedding photographer in Guatemala and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! If you feel the same way about Guatemala, you’re almost guaranteed to have an incredible destination wedding, no matter where or when you end up choosing. Whether you’re a local Guatemalan couple or are coming from somewhere else, you’ve made the right decision by choosing this beautiful country to host your wedding. For any Guatemala wedding photographer-related needs, make sure to reach out at +(502)4545-8090 or fill out a form submission. I can’t wait to hear you and your fiance’s story and why you decided to go with Guatemala for your destination wedding!